CORDA Candles

The name CORDA means “hearts” and comes from the Mass when the priest says, “Lift up your hearts.” In Latin, that’s “sursum corda” and literally it means “Hearts up!”  

Each scent combination is the fruit of love and prayer, and their inspirations come from the day to day lives and heavenly patronages of the Saints. Our faith gives us so many things that make concrete and visible an invisible reality, and CORDA candles hope to do the same. Through the beauty of these candles, we are able to celebrate the Saints and how they loved God with everything they had.
The candles are carefully crafted at every step by the CORDA team, lead by CORDA's owner, Anna Camacho, from creating the unique scents, making a proprietary wax blend, pouring with careful attention, designing and applying the labeling, and then packaging them up just for you. 

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