Order Status & Tracking

Order Status Page & Notifications

Once your order is placed, you will immediately receive a notification with your order confirmation and a link to your order status page.

The order status page allows you to check the progress of order fulfillment, shipping, and tracking. The page updates in real time as your order and shipment status changes. You can also use this page to opt in or out of order notifications.

The type of notification you receive depends on the contact information you entered at checkout. If you entered your email address and/or your phone number, you will receive an email and/or SMS text notifications.
Additionally, if you opted in to receive notifications through the Shop app after checkout, you will receive updates through the app as well. Shop is an easy to use phone app for tracking your online orders and packages. You can follow along on a live map, get notifications at every step, and keep your orders organized in one place.

Shipping Information
For information about our shipping options, please visit our shipping page here.

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