About Us

Established in 2019, Crossroads Collective is a retail collection of unique products and a gathering place for the community, all supporting Catholic Charities of Acadiana. Our products have been carefully curated to fulfill your spiritual needs, while our proceeds allow Catholic Charities to offer care and compassion to our neighbors most in need - those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or hunger. 

The products in Crossroads Collective and those available at shopcrossroads.org are a carefully curated selection of Catholic gifts, jewelry, rosaries, books, Bibles, statuary, home décor and gifts.  

Our wide selection of religious and inspirational products ensure you can find the perfect gift to honor and celebrate the Catholic Faith. We rescue long-forgotten antique sacramentals of the Church and provide them to our shoppers in the interest of protecting, preserving, and passing these devotional objects on to the next generation. From antiques and artisan-crafted decor to Bibles and inspirational books, we hope that you will discover something that inspires your faith and ignites a passion in you as you support the Works of Mercy performed through the ministries of Catholic Charities of Acadiana.

Purchase with Purpose
At Crossroads Collective, proceeds go directly to the works of Catholic Charities of Acadiana. At its core, Catholic Charities of Acadiana cares for the sacred gift of human life, especially the most vulnerable. With ten core programs, and growing, Catholic Charities of Acadiana provides services for the most basic human needs to our brothers and sisters from all walks of life. From food to hygiene to housing, Catholic Charities of Acadiana’s programs address a wide range of community needs.  

Each year, Catholic Charities of Acadiana puts into action the Works of Mercy, including: 
Feeding the Hungry: 100,000+ meals shared per year 
Giving Drink to the Thirsty: more than 400 people living on the street provided access to showers and other basic needs
Sheltering the Homeless: 349 men, women, children, and veterans were provided emergency shelter and 168 people moved into permanent housing.

    Catholic Charities of Acadiana does so while valuing the dignity of the human person with the understanding that all humanity is made in the image and likeness of God. Dignity does not come from what we do but from who we are. 

    Want to know more about the work Catholic Charities of Acadiana does in our community?
    Visit their website catholiccharitiesacadiana.org


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